Right for your fleet, better for the environment.

Compared to gasoline and diesel, CNG burns cleaner and produces far fewer pollutants. And it’s available for your fleet now at Rogue Clean Fuels.

From passenger cars and delivery vans to school buses, semi-trucks and utility trucks, CNG is the smart and affordable choice for fleets of all sizes. When compared to petroleum-based gasoline and diesel fuel, CNG burns cleaner and produces up to 40% less of the pollutants that cause greenhouse gas.

The Future of Cleaner Fuel Starts Here

Surrounded by mountains, the Rogue Valley is an area where air quality is an everyday concern, and clean air is critical to our area’s long-term sustainability, quality of life and economic success. Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG, burns much cleaner than diesel fuel, lowering the carbon footprint of fleets that provide essential services to the people of this amazing region.

Rogue Clean Fuels has a long-term plan to eventually power fleets using Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) produced from landfill biogas. In order to make that a reality, we first had to create an alternative fueling infrastructure. With the Rogue Clean Fuels CNG station, that infrastructure is now in place. The station is conveniently located in the heart of the Rogue Valley, with easy access from all directions and plenty of room to maneuver larger vehicles.

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Completing the Circle

The Rogue Clean Fuels station is one part of our innovative “closed loop” system — a system that will one day turn refined biogas from decomposing landfill trash into Renewable Natural Gas that powers our trash and recycling fleet. It’s clean energy. It’s renewable energy. And you can see how it works in this informative interactive graphic.

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