Steps to Fuel your CNG vehicle

IMPORTANT: Before starting the fueling process, locate the safety emergency shutdown locations at the north and south sides of the fueling site.

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Know the nozzle size for your vehicle. If you have a CT1000 series nozzle, you want Hose 1. If you have a CT5000 series nozzle, you want Hose 2. Park your vehicle with the fill station close to the correct hose.
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Remove the dust cap from your vehicle. Inspect the O-ring inside the tip of your filler connection and wipe away any dust. If the inside O-ring fitting is damaged, DO NOT fuel your vehicle.
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Connect the fill nozzle to your vehicle.
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To lock the nozzle onto your vehicle, start with the arrows facing away from each other. Then rotate clockwise until both arrows point toward your vehicle. You should hear a short flow of gas.
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Insert your fuel card or major credit card into the cardlock and follow the prompts to select the correct hose and approve fueling.
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Move the activation lever DOWN to the “on” position. Fueling will begin and end automatically. You can also move the activation lever up to the “stop” position to stop fueling at any time.
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When fueling is complete, rotate the activation lever UP to the “stop” position.
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Rotate the attachment lever on the hose until the arrows face away from each other. You’ll hear a slight pressure release. Replace the nozzle to its storage location.
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Replace the dust cap on your vehicle and close the access door.

See these Steps in Action

The Rogue Valley Clean Cities Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the livability of the Rogue Valley, created a step-by-step video tutorial on how to safely refuel a CNG vehicle.

Watch the video here