The benefits of a CNG-fueled fleet

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Selecting the right fuel for your fleet is a critical decision. With options that run from fossil fuels to more environmentally friendly energy sources, you want a fuel that gives you the mileage you want at a stable, affordable price — and one that burns significantly cleaner than gas or diesel. That fuel is CNG.

Five reasons to use CNG for your fleet

The U.S. Department of Energy published an overview of CNG advantages on their Alternative Fuels Data Center Website, including these five key benefits:

1. Cost
The price of CNG is considerably more stable than other fuels and is consistently cheaper than diesel. This makes long-term budgeting much easier and provides real cost savings every time you fuel up.

2. Emissions
Using CNG as opposed to conventional fuels produces fewer greenhouse gases and tailpipe emissions.

3. Performance
Acceleration, speed and overall engine power between CNG engines and traditional engines are very similar.

4. Availability
Manufacturers now offer CNG-fueled options in several commercial vehicle classes — including trucks, delivery vans, maintenance vehicles and buses. And with a dedicated Rogue Clean Fuels CNG station now serving the Rogue Valley, you’ll always have a convenient way to fuel up.

5. Safety
Since CNG is lighter than air, it dissipates quickly in case of a fueling accident rather than pooling on the ground. It’s less likely to produce flames or an explosion than heavier fuels like gas or diesel. It also has a much higher ignition temperature — double that of gasoline.