Walking the CNG walk

CNG truck
Rogue Disposal Truck fueled by CNG

When it comes to the innovative use of CNG, the Rogue Waste family of companies put their money where their mouth is. Their Rogue Clean Fuels CNG station is just the beginning. The reason? Simple. The gorgeous Rogue Valley is home to their families, as well as the people and communities they serve. Because the area is ringed by foothills and mountains of the Cascade Range, air tends to settle into the valley— pollutants and all. Knowing that air quality is such an important issue, Rogue does its part to help keep the air quality in the Rogue Valley clean. One of the most beneficial ways they do that is through their use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a transportation fuel.

In a recent video interview with the Medford Mail Tribune, Garry Penning, Director of Governmental Affairs and Marketing for the Rogue Waste family of companies, explained how Rogue is incorporating CNG throughout its operations. Here’s a sampling of what they’re doing, related to CNG:

  • Two-thirds of their fleet now runs on clean-burning CNG, with the remaining trucks being converted over the next few years
  • Rogue Clean Fuels, their CNG fueling station in White City, is one of the only stations in the region that’s open to the public

What’s more, biogas from their Dry Creek Landfill is converted to electricity, providing clean, renewable power to some 3,000 homes — roughly the size of the nearby city of Phoenix, Oregon. And one day, a refined version of this biogas related to CNG — known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) — will be used to “close the loop,” powering the fleet of trucks that pick up the area’s trash and recycling each week.

To learn more about Rogue’s commitment to CNG, check out this video.